Our Pricing Model

Symmetry Advisory Solutions utilizes what is known as a “value pricing.” Engagements begin with an up-front discussion about the value of Symmetry’s services to new clients. We design a package of services that is unique to each client we serve and then set a fair price for those services. This method ensures work is performed with success in mind, without either party compelled to manage the clock rather than aiming at achieving your goals. Our prices are always competitive and often offer significant savings over comparable options, due to the lower overhead afforded by our cloud accounting platform and virtual solutions.

However, our charges consider appropriate factors including the difficulty of the assignment, how much risk and responsibility the work entails, the time limitations imposed on us by others, the professional experience the personnel assigned, and the importance of the work to the client.

Prices are based on the assumption that you will continue to employ competent, experienced personnel. If a change in your personnel requires us to incur extra costs training your staff or otherwise performing our services, we will invoice you to cover these costs.