Happy First Anniversary, Symmetry!

September 2, 2014

Wow!  It has really been a year since Symmetry Advisory Solutions opened it’s virtual doors.  The past year has been a whirlwind of activity, exploring exciting and challenging opportunities,  meeting new people, renewing languishing relationships, expanding knowledge and growing–both professionally and personally.

I’ve found myself recalling the reasons for beginning this entrepreneurial voyage and the one-year anniversary of Symmetry is a perfect milestone to reflect on it and measure how well I am meeting the goals I established.

Striving for Symmetry

We all hear that tired old phrase: work-life balance.  It’s old, stale and has lost any real meaning today. Yet, I continue to read that many of us in the United States work incredibly long hours to the detriment of our health and personal lives. We can call it whatever we want, but Maslow’s need hierarchy was right on the money: we all strive for our higher needs to be met once our lower needs are satisfied.

Achieving balance and stability is precisely what inspired the company name, Symmetry, and our tag line: Your life. Your business. That order. Of course, it also works quite nicely as a double entendre for accounting, as accountants do, in fact, “balance the books”. We, at Symmetry, want to partner with our clients to assist them in achieving wealth, abundance, calm and ease. Symmetry’s logo is an abstract representation of “Zen” balancing rocks and symbolize the balance for which we all strive.  Balancing rocks are derived from the Japanese rock gardens and are enjoyed by many as a way to reconnect with the true balance of nature.

Progress Check

So, now comes the true measure of my progress in the last year.  Did I achieve my goals?  Am I where I planned to be? Is my life any less frenetic and crazed than it was previously?  Well, there are so many ways to measure this and to be truthful, I can’t possibly measure this objectively. I know I wouldn’t change one thing over the last year.  I have grown and learned so much on this journey and am profoundly grateful for all the past experiences that have allowed me to be successful in my endeavors.  I could wax on poetically “ad nauseum”, but I know nobody else cares as much as me.

I’ll get to the point, then.  I have worked incredibly hard over the last year and booked copious quantities of hours building my business and working with amazing clients; that’s not a new experience for me.  However, there is something to be said for working all those hours for yourself and knowing you are responsible for building something. That can, at times, be an incredibly humbling experience.

Success: Accounting Firm Virtual Model

I am thrilled and get a major charge out of everything I do: whether it is working directly with my clients or building Symmetry’s infrastructure.  I don’t expect that to ever change. The virtual model I chose is perfect for me and my clients.  I can do anything anywhere.  Yes, I can also meet with clients in person and I love that connection we build.  I meet some clients out there in cyberspace and you know what? We also have forged strong and meaningful professional relationships.  I will let you be the final judge of whether I have achieved my goals.  This past year during “busy season” I worked for two weeks from…Hawaii!

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