CPA Firm Engagement Peer Reviews

All Certified Public Accountants and firms performing audits must undergo CPA peer review for quality controls established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants or risk potential disciplinary actions and sanctions. Symmetry Advisory Solutions’ quality control staff combines decades of auditing and AICPA peer review experience with the efficiency of modern cloud-based technology.

Peer reviews of CPA firms are publicly viewable and determine whether firms can offer a variety of accounting services; a “failing” peer review report can spell “the end” for a public accounting firm. Understandably, many firms obsess over their mandatory triennial peer review. Selecting the right peer reviewer is among the most important decisions a CPA firm will make.

Symmetry Advisory Solutions takes a comprehensive approach to reviewing compliance with the quality control standards and principles of state accountancy boards and the AICPA. We use a combination of the AICPA’s online reporting tool and our web-based model to ensure efficient and cost-effective peer reviews, while our experience is quickly giving Symmetry reputation for adding value to firms’ quality control practices.

In addition to formal assessments, Symmetry Advisory Solutions also offers quality control consulting for CPA firms looking to reduce risk and improve their business practices.