CPA Firm Quality Control Consulting

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ peer review process is as rigorous as it is crucial for CPA firms that perform audits and attest services. Peer reviews are graded “pass/fail”; any weakness in quality control practices could mean a firm will no longer be able to provide audit and attest services. Symmetry Advisory Solutions offers consulting for CPA firms preparing for, or recovering from, the AICPA Peer Review process.

Symmetry has years of experience evaluating accounting practices. Whether you are facing a Peer Review, have recently failed one or wish to improve your firm’s system of quality control, we can help preserve your CPA firm’s license and reputation. Keeping CPA firms in line with state accountancy boards is a core competency of our business; we perform both system and engagement peer reviews for firms of all sizes.

Symmetry’s cloud-based infrastructure allows us to offer premium accountant services while reducing the overhead faced by a traditional brick-and-mortar accounting firm. These efficiencies are passed along to our clients in the form of cost-effective consulting packages and greater insights achieved in less time. Plus, our global reach means we have seen every level of quality assurance imaginable, are familiar with industry best practices, and have even developed some ourselves! Quality control consulting from Symmetry Advisory Solutions will elevate your firm’s adherence to accounting standards and principles to the apex of AICPA and state accountancy board compliance.