Small Business Advisory

Symmetry Advisory Solutions offers accounting and business advisory solutions, as well as virtual accounting services, for small-medium sized firms at all stages of the company life cycle. Symmetry helps startup companies write business plans and forecast revenue for SBA loan applications. Established companies can take advantage of Symmetry’s small business consulting experience, which helps to identify and improve business processes by finding efficiencies and opportunities through in-depth analysis. Symmetry also offers internal control and IT control assessments. These risk mitigation reviews prevent misappropriation of funds and embezzlement.

Small Business Startup

Symmetry Advisory Solutions can assist in business plan creation, generating revenue models, creating capital access plans and making effective use of funds to ensure the success of your new business.

Business Process Improvement

Small business owners often have to focus on making their initial sales at all costs. This drive to success is critical, but it can create inefficiencies which can bog down a maturing business. Symmetry can provide insightful consulting to help your business bring its bottom line closer to its top line.

Internal Control Assessments

Developing strong loss-prevention practices is essential for a small business. A single instance of fraud or embezzlement is often all it takes to destroy even a successful firm. Symmetry has vast experience in quality control consulting (we even audit other CPA firms). We can ensure your business is protected.

IT Control Assessments

The increasing use of technology in handling business operations has allowed business owners to operate with much greater efficiency. However, these systems can facilitate fraud as easily as they facilitate normal business operations. Symmetry can limit your business’ exposure to potential IT fraud.

Ask us about our Cost-Cutting Micro-Reviews!

What it is

  • A micro-size, one-to-two hour engagement to review your bookkeeping and provide you with a list of tailored ideas to help you save money.
  • A collaborative brainstorming session with you after we complete our analysis and compile our suggestions for you.

What it isn’t

  • An audit, review or examination of your books.
  • Charging you money to learn what you already know. If our review doesn’t yield any solid suggestions, we will be happy to report to you that you’re doing a great job as it is and you won’t be charged anything.

How we do it

  • Process makes perfect! Our team follows a clear process that has yielded proven results and all our clients have benefited from implementing at least one cost-savings idea.