Business Process Improvement

Understandably, small businesses and startups tend to focus on gaining new customers and increasing sales. The lifespan of a company is not a horse race, however, and firms that are sustainable focus on efficiency as well as growth. Business consulting services illuminate areas where money could be saved, opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and specific areas where growth is outpacing, or underperforming, the company as a whole. These business insights are what create long-lasting companies out of hard working small businesses.

Symmetry Advisory Solutions has decades of experience in small business advisory and corporate consulting. We focus on creating detailed maps of a company’s processes which offer insight far beyond identifying inefficiencies. The executives of a small business have often spent years pushing their company forward, Symmetry specializes in creating opportunities by looking back over a company’s past and identifying business practices that have become redundant, outdated, or which don’t support a firm’s maximum growth potential. On top of that, Symmetry’s cloud-based business insight platform allows us to offer these services for less than a traditional accounting firm. Your dedicated small business advisor will work directly with your firm whenever you need them, and you will be able to access their insights 24/7 via any computer with Internet access.