Internal Control Assessments

Having an employee or director accused of malfeasance or embezzlement is something no business wants to experience. Strong financial and internal controls for small businesses help ensure funds are managed appropriately. Assessing internal controls is crucial to minimize the risk that money may be misappropriated, but working with an outside firm is the most effective way to assess the existing control environment. Symmetry Advisory Solutions evaluates internal controls and loss prevention strategies, our experienced auditors identify key controls and bring firms up to the highest standard of internal risk management that is appropriate for your business.

Few business consulting firms are able to offer services comparable to Symmetry Advisory Solutions, which has years of auditing experience in both accounting and evaluating control environments. When other financial services companies need their own internal controls reviewed, they turn to the staff of Symmetry. What sets Symmetry apart from all competition, however, is the convenience and affordability provided by their innovative and secure cloud-based business advisory platform. The progress and results of internal control assessments performed by Symmetry can be viewed 24/7 from any computer with an Internet connection. Symmetry offers peace of mind and protection from mishandled or misappropriated funds, which modern businesses cannot do without.