IT Control Assessments

Accounting, payroll and other financial software can allow a single person to take on business management roles that were once the province of a company’s entire accounting department. These advances, beneficial as they may seem, create vulnerabilities for undetected errors, fraud and misappropriation of funds. The staff of Symmetry Advisory Solutions has a long history in auditing corporate financial controls and IT control assessments.

It is not common, in a modern business, to find business processes in which the entire lifecycle of an account, from order to receipt of goods or services and payment and recording is managed by a single individual. In this way, what may appear to be an efficient business practice can create the opportunity for errors and irregularities to go undetected. Companies that undergo an information technology review or examination from Symmetry mitigate the risk of accounting fraud; And, they can be secure in the knowledge they are consciously making a decision regarding which IT controls in their financial management or accounting software are necessary versus those that are nice to have. Symmetry can provide insight into inherent vulnerabilities and the risks related to leaving the IT control environment as is.

Symmetry is uniquely qualified to perform IT control assessments, due to years of performing audits and IT general and application controls reviews. Our online platform allows us to perform these services without the overhead of a traditional accounting firm and offers our clients 24/7 access to our findings and loss-prevention strategies.