How did I survive my busy season? One word: Hawaii

September 2, 2014



So, I know it’s a little late to be writing about the busy season that happened several months back, but I saw a contest for CPAs to compete about how they had managed to survive.  I thought, “I can see them at that AND raise them!”

Busy Season Survival Kit: Hawaii, swimsuit, Mai Tai with an umbrella…and don’t forget the laptop, iPad and iPhone! Hawaii, you say? How can you possibly go all the way across the country–an ocean away from your clients and office–during this crazy time? Well, it’s easy. When one gets an opportunity to go to Hawaii for two weeks and that one is a CPA who has built a virtual accounting practice, that’s exactly what one does, regardless of when it is.

Once I got past the jet lag, I was ready to work; and work, I did. I had the same long hours as I would have had in the office, but how can anyone possibly find it work when you can see the golden sands of the beach, hear the gentle roar of the ocean waves, smell the tangy ocean breeze and feel the kiss of the Hawaiian sun? Using cloud-based solutions in my practice, I have found the freedom to work anywhere. I did have to scramble a bit to connect with my clients before I left; however, once I was in Hawaii, I easily completed my work using my electronic document management solution and cloud-based tax software. I found it incredibly simple to connect with my clients via web- and phone-conferencing and email. I found I can do pretty much anything anywhere.

When I got stressed due to a particularly trying or complex tax issue, I walked–no, ran–away from my computer towards the beach. I found these brief 20-minute escapes on the beach, drinking in the sun, were exactly the antidote I needed to get right back into my work.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking I may just have to make this an annual ritual!

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